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PythonTutor is a web-based tool and platform that allows you to visualize and step through the execution of Python code. It’s particularly useful for understanding how Python code works, especially for beginners and those learning to program.

Here’s how PythonTutor works:

  1. Code Input: You can input your Python code into the PythonTutor interface.
  2. Code Visualization: PythonTutor then visually represents your code, showing the current state of variables, memory, and the execution stack. This visualization helps you understand how your code works step by step.
  3. Execution Control: PythonTutor allows you to step through your code one line at a time. You can advance through your code, observing how variables change and what happens at each step.
  4. Variable Inspection: You can inspect the values of variables at any point in your code’s execution. This is helpful for debugging and gaining insight into the behavior of your code.
  5. Language Support: PythonTutor primarily supports Python, but it also has limited support for other programming languages, such as JavaScript and Ruby.

PythonTutor is often used as a teaching and learning tool in Python programming courses and for debugging and understanding complex Python code. It’s available as a free online tool at You can paste your Python code into the interface, visualize its execution, and gain a better understanding of how it works.

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