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python tutor

  1. Code Input: You can enter your Python code directly into the Python Tutor web interface.
  2. Visualization: Python Tutor will then visualize the execution of your code step by step. It shows the state of variables, memory allocation, and the flow of control in a clear and interactive way.
  3. Step Through Code: You can step through the code execution one line at a time, forward and backward, to understand how the program’s state changes with each step.
  4. Watch Variables: You can watch the values of variables as they change during the execution of your code.
  5. Debugging: Python Tutor can be a useful tool for debugging your code, as it helps you identify where problems may be occurring.
  6. Sharing: You can also share your code and its visualization with others by sharing the URL generated by Python Tutor.

Overall, Python Tutor is a valuable resource for anyone learning Python or wanting to better understand how Python code executes. It’s particularly useful for visual learners and those who are new to programming.

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