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python dateutil

dateutil is a Python library that provides powerful utilities for parsing, formatting, and manipulating dates and times. It is a popular choice for working with dates and times in Python, especially when dealing with complex date and time formats. The library is not included in the Python standard library, so you may need to install it separately using a package manager like pip.

Here are some common tasks that you can perform using the dateutil library:

  1. Parsing Dates and Times: dateutil allows you to parse dates and times from strings with varying formats. It can handle a wide range of input formats and automatically detect the date and time components.
   from dateutil import parser

   date_str = "2023-10-05 15:30:00"
   dt = parser.parse(date_str)
  1. Formatting Dates and Times: You can format datetime objects into strings with specific formats using the strftime function.
   from dateutil import parser

   dt = parser.parse("2023-10-05 15:30:00")
   formatted_date = dt.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
  1. Calculating Time Differences: dateutil allows you to calculate time differences between datetime objects, including handling time zones and daylight saving time.
   from dateutil import parser
   from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta

   dt1 = parser.parse("2023-10-05 15:30:00")
   dt2 = parser.parse("2023-10-06 12:45:00")
   time_difference = relativedelta(dt2, dt1)
  1. Timezone Handling: dateutil provides tools for working with time zones, including parsing and formatting datetimes with timezone information.
   from dateutil import parser, tz

   dt_str = "2023-10-05 15:30:00 UTC"
   dt = parser.parse(dt_str)
   utc = tz.tzutc()
   dt_with_timezone = dt.replace(tzinfo=utc)
  1. Working with Intervals: You can also work with intervals or date ranges using the rrule module, which provides tools for generating sequences of dates according to various rules.
   from dateutil import rrule
   from datetime import datetime

   start_date = datetime(2023, 10, 1)
   end_date = datetime(2023, 10, 10)
   date_range = rrule.rrule(rrule.DAILY, dtstart=start_date, until=end_date)

Overall, dateutil is a versatile library that simplifies many common date and time-related operations in Python. It’s a valuable tool for developers working with date and time data in various applications.

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