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Django is a popular open-source web framework for building web applications using Python. If you’re looking for the Django project on GitHub, you can find it at the following URL:

This is the official Django repository on GitHub, where you can find the source code, contribute to the development, report issues, and explore various aspects of the framework.

To get started with Django on GitHub, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Django GitHub repository link mentioned above.
  2. If you have a GitHub account, you can star the repository to show your support and keep track of updates.
  3. To contribute to Django development or report issues, you can fork the repository and create your own copy on GitHub.
  4. Clone the repository to your local machine using Git, if you want to work on the code locally:
git clone
  1. Once you have the code locally, you can explore the source code, make changes, and submit pull requests to contribute to the Django project.

Remember that before contributing, it’s a good idea to review the project’s contribution guidelines and code of conduct, which can be found in the repository’s documentation.

Please note that the information provided here is based on my last knowledge update in September 2021, and there may have been changes or updates to the Django project on GitHub since then. Be sure to check the official Django GitHub repository for the latest information and updates.

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