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3. **Debugger:** Thonny has a built-in debugger that allows users to set breakpoints, step through code, and inspect variables to identify and fix bugs in their programs.

Yes, Thonny does indeed have a built-in debugger. Thonny is a popular Python integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a user-friendly interface for writing, running, and debugging Python code. Here are some of the key features of Thonny’s debugger:

  1. Breakpoints: Thonny allows you to set breakpoints in your code. When the program execution reaches a breakpoint, it pauses, allowing you to inspect the current state of variables and the call stack.
  2. Step Through Code: You can step through your code line by line using the debugger. This helps you understand the flow of your program and identify issues.
  3. Variable Inspection: Thonny’s debugger lets you inspect the values of variables at different points in your code. This is incredibly useful for tracking down bugs and understanding how your program’s data changes during execution.
  4. Watch Expressions: You can set watch expressions to monitor specific variables or expressions as your program runs. Thonny will display the values of these expressions in real-time as your code executes.
  5. Call Stack: The debugger displays the call stack, showing you the sequence of function calls that led to the current point in your code. This can help you trace the path of execution and identify where an issue originated.
  6. Variable Highlighting: Thonny highlights variables in your code, making it easy to see which ones are currently in scope and allowing you to hover over them to see their values.
  7. Interactive Debug Console: Thonny provides an interactive debug console where you can enter Python commands while debugging. This can be handy for experimenting with code fixes on the fly.
  8. Exception Handling: Thonny can automatically catch and stop at exceptions, making it easier to identify and fix errors in your code.

Overall, Thonny’s built-in debugger is a valuable tool for Python developers, especially for those who are learning or new to debugging. It provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for tracking down and fixing bugs in Python programs.

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