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Machine Learning Engineer Salary in 2020

hey everyone welcome to the session by Intellipaatfirst of all wish you all a very happy Diwali and in this session guys will bequickly checking out a couple of concepts it’s respect to machinelearning engineer such as salary skills responsibilities and so much more sowithout further ado make sure you stay subscribe to our channel to be in touchwith all of the amazing content that we’ll be putting out for you guys so onthat note let us check out the agenda for today’s session guys well to startout with I will be checking by who a machine learning engineer is secondwe’ll be checking out the machine learning engineers job requirementswhich are which are required to pretty much empower a machine learning engineerand go about doing his job third we will be looking at the rolesand responsibilities of a machine learning engineer guys and fourth we’llbe checking out all of the job trends that are present for a machine learningengineer and all of the hype behind this and number five you will be checking outa machine learning engineer salary and lastly I’ll be helping you to build aresume a with respect to a machine learning engineer’s perspective so onthat note let us check out who a machine learning engineer is guys let us getthis out of the order the way right now so machine learning engineers areextremely sophisticated programmers who develop systems machinesand these machines can pretty much go about learning on their own and applyingknowledge and they would not require any specific direction to pretty much goabout doing the same as well so if you think whatever job you are doing or anyother computer science job is cool well think about it again right amachine learning engineer jobs seems amazing so what does a goal of a machinelearning engineer’s job guys to put it into one simple sentence and to justhold it under one banner one umbrella say this is what I would put it as wellachieving our artificial intelligence is pretty much the primary goal of anymachine learning engineering guys so by achieving artificial intelligence I meanthose are some big terms right it might be anything sir somethingvery small right so let’s say they’re just you know customizing a chatbot oryou know they just want to probably dim the lights in their office forDiwali or something think about it so many things right so a machine learningengineer can cover everything from these simple things all the way till guidanceto Mars or guidance to moon and help our space agencies as well ISRO NASASpaceX and so much more we have machine learning engineers everywhere in theworld so and the main important thing that you guys need to know about amachine learning engineer is that this role right so this role requires theperson to talk to a lot of people a lot of different teams in the office andhence it’ll include a lot of customization as well because everyclient’s requirement for artificial intelligence purposes or let’s say theythey have a particular requirement for machine learning and this changes fromevery person to the other person right so this one particular job where you’llbe extremely creative and where you’ll be when you’re creative front foot atall the time it’s pretty much a machine learning engineer’s job so what are therequirements of a machine learning engineer guys so think about it well tosimplify just for the sake of this video I’ve put the requirements into two tabsguys one would be the educational requirements and the other one would bethe skill requirements well let us begin by checking out the educationalrequirements well think about it right so pretty much for being a machinelearning engineer you need to have a very solid background in something rightso this is one of the very hyped uh you know designations of that well the mostimportant thing that you would need to know is that these machine learningengineers pretty much oh you know they’re either out of their masters orthey have a doctoral degree in computer science discipline and so much more wellfear not if you do not have a masters or a doctor’s degree as well we’re gonnapretty much guide you through how throw about how you can pretty much go aboutbecoming a machine learning engineer and the majorimportant field of study you are again guys pretty much you would have guessedit by now it has computer science well instead of or mathematic let’s say andmathematics because machine learning is a world which revolves aroundmathematics and then you would be applying these mathematical conceptswith respect to code so it’s computer science and mathematics guys so againyou might be wondering if experience is required you know before applying oranything well yeah major majority of the companies prettymuch ask for about four or five years of experience or in the same field ofartificial intelligence or machine learning well so aren’t there any fieldsfor any juniors well fear not my friends pretty much everyone these days ishiring for an associate machine learning engineer and an associate softwareengineer in the field of artificial intelligence that’s so much more andI’ll be walking you through all of the jobs as well I have a very good coupleof four statistical numbers that I think you guys might be interested in so onthat note what are the programming languages you might require right so topof the head I think you would require C++ guys or you might require Java aswell you might require Python and so much more but then the educationalrequirements the foundation has to be computer science and mathematics so it’sit’s a combination of both guys let’s say the best of both worlds so coming tothe skilled requirements again this is the expanded version of the educationalrequirements by the way so with respect to the skill requirements again itrequires exceptional mathematical skills in order to perform computations rightand work with all of the algorithms because again machine learning is fullof algorithms and then working with each of these algorithms especially calculusyou would require probability you will require so much more right so you willrequire the concepts of you know differentiation integration and so muchmore so knowing offhand that you’re very good at these skills is again a verygood asset to have for a machine learning engineer guys and thencommunication skills are extremely importantbecause you might be wondering how I am very good at coding why would Irequire communication skills right well you need to explain what you’re doing tothe people who are non programmers let’s say thepeople that you have to explain to or your respective managers oryour directors and so much more well they might not have you know the skillsrequired to probably type out the entire algorithm you know pretty much do abinary classification and python and so much more well they would not know thatand you have to communicate your work to them in such a way that you areunderstood right at the end of the day and then again you need to pull it outin such a way where you’ll be publishing articles on the work or let’s say youwant to do more research work as well well you need people to understand whatyou’re saying so communication skill again is extremely important guys andthe third important skill that’s required is very strong analyticalskills well analytical skills again is extremely vital because again thinkabout it there’s a lot of analysis with a lot of data that’s going on in theback end so emphasis on a lot of data because again you’ll be working withyour big data architects as well they’ll be pretty much giving you all the datathey’ll be cleaning up the data for you you’ll have to be working on the datayou know run a couple of algorithms on the data I can further clean up the datado so much more with the data so having these analytical skills to pretty muchtake raw data and make it convert it into information this is a very goodasset and a very good requirement for a machine learning engineering guys soagain as we have already been now I know kept on mentioning for a while now thetype of programming that you know machine learning engineers do is verysophisticated guys well fear not if you do not know the type of programmingthese machine learning engineers to stick to the end of the video and I’llbe guiding you on how you can get certified in the same guys so on thatnote and we need to check out the roles and responsibilities of a machinelearning engineer so what are the different roles that are expected out ofa machine learning engineer guys well it says that you know you’re supposed toassert all the production tasks to check if they’re working properly in terms ofexecution and scheduling well good enough you’ll be checking execution andscheduling as well you need to abuse machine learning libraries to theirextremes and this will lead to adding new functionalitiesexploring new ways that you can no you know sell your product better make yourproduct better engage with different audience and so much more and third oneinsuring that you know your data science code is always maintainable alwaysscalable and debuggable let’s say you’re just a company of ten people right nowand you want to move it to let’s say a thousand or ten thousand people right sohaving that scalability feature and implementing machine learning to do itfor you is again amazing having a debuggable as well well think about itlet’s say you not you don’t be the only one in the entire company working onsome machine learning concept right you will have team mates you’ll have peersSuperior’s juniors and so I mean so much so many people right so allthese people have to combine come together understand the code what’sgoing on if there’s a mistake then each one has to debug each one’s work and somuch more so again having maintainability good scalability anddebug ability in the code is very goodness so again the fourth thing is toautomate and abstract away very different or repeatable routines thatare present in most machine learning tasks well you need to figure out how tomake it unique for your organization right because with respect to machinelearning it’s a lot of Violation there’s a lot of doing the same thing thateveryone else does well you need to move away stray away from this to make surethat you can do something on your own keep it unique and keep it veryefficient at the same time and then the fifth on again is probably the mostimportant thing guys well it is to bring up the best software developmentpractices to the data science team and help them speed up their work well thinkabout it your data science team in any company let’s say as a machine learningengineer when you would be a part of the data science team and to bring out thebest software development practices having been combined with each othermaking sure the bit gel with each other all your work is going good your data isbeing handled perfectly your data as being machined perfectly it’s beinganalyzed perfectly and so much more and then choosing the best operationalarchitecture together with your DevOps team right again DevOps team forms oneof the very pillars of any organization in my opinion guys so working with themto find out the best architecture that holds everything the development sideeverything together and to bring it under one umbrella up against this is avery important thing guys and then the next important thing wouldpretty much be you know to go on check for performance improvements whereveryou want wherever you can and then deciding here’s the important part youneed to go about deciding which machine learning technologies that you need toput in a production environment there is guys because you will have a couple oftesting environments working environments production environments so muchmore right so you need to know what machine learning technology needs to beput where this again is a very important role of a machine learning engineeringguys so coming to the responsibilities let me walk you through quickly well amachine learning Oh the engineers responsibilities pretty much start outlike this well running your machine learning algorithms using a program thelanguage with machine learning libraries again you need to perform a lot ofexperiments to know what works for you what doesn’t work for you what works foryour company and so much more and the next thing is to pretty much go on todeploying your machine learning solutions directly from testing intoproduction guys and this obviously calls for optimizing all of the solutions withrespect to performance with respect to scalability and so much more the nextthing is pretty much data engineering right so you need to have amazing dataflow and between your data bases in between your back-end systems to makesure that everything in between your front end back end all your data thedata movements in the entire system the data the process of data engineeringwhat we call it is working as it should and this would be an advancedresponsibility I would say but then it involves implementing custom machinelearning code which again is pretty much or depending on your company dependingon your firm your team size so much more right so that would be unique to eachand every one and then analyzing all of the data that comes with it coming upwith different use cases for all of your data doing so much more guys so ifyou’ve been following me through the roles and responsibilities slide then itpretty much sounds so much it sounds a lot overwhelming right when theoverwhelming job pretty much paced amazingly well guys so meshow you for a little while I’ll be discussing the salary as well and thesalary of a machine learning engineer is amazing so on that note we need to checkout a machine learning engineers job trends well here’s what I could pick upfrom forbes dot com so an esteemed writer there pretty much says machine learningengineers job is the best job in the United States according to the websitevery famous job hunting website called well think if this is a topranking article in Forbes a machine learning engineer is the best job inthe United States according to England and that’s such a strong statement rightso think about it for a second probably give this in a statement again Iread I’ll just be back in 30 seconds let me grab a quick drink of water and I’ll be backhey guys so I’m back pretty much again artificial intelligence and machinelearning job postings on the in on the website of indeed rose almost 30 percentor the last year in between May 2018 and May 2019 guys well think about it 30percent seems like a small number but every day indeed indeed website prettymuch gives way to about thousand new jobs and at the end of it they havelakhs and lakhs of jobs now what do you think is the thirty is the number whichforms when we calculate 30 percent of a lakh jobs that many new jobs just gotadded in between the duration of one year guys just one year so how amazingis that and here here are more statistics for you there there has beenaround let’s say five thousand machine learning engineering job posts on indeedin website in just India guys whatever you looking is all thecities that are present in India well here’s the location wise division ofmachine-learning engineer job posts in Bangalore alone we call it Bengaluruwell in Bengaluru alone we have thousand five hundred new jobs that are posted onIndia’s website in Hyderabad we have five hundred jobs in Pune we have threehundred jobs Chennai two hundred jobs all these jobs have the designationmachine learning engineer with them guys so think about it how how amazing isthis when people go about seeing artificial intelligence or machinelearning you know does not have any scope or era or has very less scopecompared to you know let’s say it’s our developer or something guys the numbersare right in front of you oh this again pretty much comes up to over 2,500 jobsin just the majority of the city is in India well if you think India was justthe common playground well think about the world right now let me bring you acouple of statistics from the United States of America right so there areabout thirty thousand machine learning engineer jobs posted again see I tellhas about 2,500 job postings New York wants thousand five hundred machinelearning engineer San Francisco wants thousand four hundred of us Chicagowants five hundred California wants five hundred againthese numbers just keep going up when every time pretty much I have theschedule where you know every three month I just saw every three months Ijust keep coming to these job hunting sites to check out what the trends areand to my astonishment every time I come step out there you know just search forsomething it’s amazing all these numbers always keep going up and I’mflabbergasted every time I just take a look at thesenumbers guys so on that note how are the divisions who are the companies that arehiring so many people around the world rightwe have Amazon who topped the you know the top the numbers when it comes tohiring machine learning engineers because they want 2500 machine learningengineers across the globe next we have JP Morgan Chase and morewill chase people who want about thousands of usMicrosoft wants 500 i Accenture wants 300 Google wants 300 ones 300 whoathat’s cool because I was expecting because Google’s pretty much has theirown deep mind their entire tensorflow project set up and running and theystill want 300 people more is amazing so gooey egg and Google always is on theirfront foot when it comes to hiring machine learning engineers guys Ciscothe world’s biggest network company probably they want 250 of us facebookwants 200 people well Facebook again has this amazing of machine learning and ordeep learning or you know team and aspect when it comes to that and theyrun their own people who work at Facebook founded PI torch and they haveso much more guys so it is amazing to know that they require 200 machinelearning engineers as well and Deloitte, Deloitte is an amazing company and theseguys require 150 of our machine learning engineers as well so the world is yourplayground guys as you’re looking at it so many jobs are there you just need tofind the right path to get from where you are and into these companies guys solet us take a moment and take a look at a couple of job descriptions from amachine learning engineer again I had to pick up Google because Google is afantastic example and a fantastic benchmark when it comes to machinelearning right so Google is again posted around 300 jobs looking for machinelearning engineer only on just as we saw here’s the sampledesignation that they’re looking for they’re lookingfor our software engineers with respect to machine learning and here are theresponsibilities guys well software engineers on the operationor a search team will have two roles one role is to or you know developcombinatorial optimization solvers and then the second thing is to helpcustomers and these customers might be inside Google outside Google to solvetheir optimization problem so Google is hunting the optimization train becauseof their operations research team and then participate in cutting-edgeresearch with respect to artificial intelligence and machine learningapplications develop solutions for real-world large-scale problems guesswe’re talking about Google probably the world’s biggest company right these guysare encouraging in their job responsibilities that they pretty muchwant you to oh sorry about that so these guys again they’re indulging you andthey’re wanting you to pretty much go get into research do more research withrespect to artificial intelligence and machine learning as well think about itand if you’re not convinced enough here is another job description from the termthe big company called American Express guys so these guys again have about 50jobs looking for machine learning engineers or no and they havethe designation looking which is perfectly matching to ours it’s calledas a machine learning engineer so what are the responsibilities are the peopleat American Express what well they say that 70% or more of your time will bespent on coding or and/or or technical hands-on analysis andimplementation of reusable frameworks to drive adoption of machine learning in AMEXAMEX is so short for American Express and then combined your data science and yourengineering skills to solve very interesting problems all that prettymuch go about directly and greatly no impacting millions of individualsworldwide Wow read that again directly and greatly impacting millions of youknow individuals worldwide how cool is thatand then not only creating machine learning prototypes but alsotaking these prototypes from their prototype stage and putting them intoproduction and scaling them up. this is amazing and then being a part ofyou know be part of a dynamic team they say that their team is already dynamicokay beautiful and then they say that play a visible role in implementingcutting-edge technology and machine learning solutions with otherindustry-leading partners amazing amazing so think about it rightso machine learning engineer works in hand in team I know with in the sameteam other teams in the company and then they’re they’re participating inworldwide competitions as well with respect to their industry leadingpartners competitors and so much more this is why I love the world of machinelearning guys and then lastly they want you to work with a large complex dataset which is used to build products and tools that enhance colleague andcustomer experience well at the end of it any product company would want toenhance colleague and customer experiences right take a second toprobably read this slide again and think about ittell me that that sounded well so coming to the most important slide that youguys probably are waiting for us the machine-learning engineer’s salaryguys well I have very big numbers for you again think about it we’ve alreadytalked about how cool a machine learning engineers job is right and going youneed to go get that number one ranking job in the whole world of computerscience and then you’d be presented with an average salary of $95,000 per year sothis is an American dollars case well I had to bring the number down it startsall the way from $80,000 and goes all the way two hundred and sixty thousanddollars per year so I pretty much averaged out the entire salary and cameup with a figure of almost a hundred thousand dollars but then if you had tolook at Oh the salary pretty much around the world it is ninety five thousanddollars and if you have to directly look at the American states look at you knowpan United States of America it is about a hundred and twenty thousand dollarsper annum guys so it’s above the average that I’ve mentioned but at the end of itlet’s say a machine learning engineer you know you are a machine learningengineer guys I didn’t guarantee you that you will be a very rich person ifyou hold the designation of a machine learning engineer I mean look at thosenumbers right so we’ve pretty much seen their job description as well I meansure it’s a lot of work but then knowing that you will have that number oneranking job in the entire world and a damn good salary is a win-win for youguys as let’s say as an enthusiast or as a program or as a or is anything right ajob that you enjoy a job that you enjoy while you code pretty much a good salaryin hand on an amazing designation and so much more so the machine learning engineersalary is this is again out of this world guys again a data scientist prettymuch shares some of the perks a machine learning engineer does as well and thatpretty much also includes a salary even the machine learning I mean even a datascientist on somewhere around the same as a machine learning engineer but theskill sets of a learning engineer would probably be alittle bit higher when it comes to a data scientist guys so on that note Ithought let me just quickly help you organize your resume a little bit betterin case you guys already choose to apply for a machine learning engineer job soon that note again building a fine resume think about it in my opinion isthe most crucial part and landing your dream job right so your resume is yourentire life story in probably one or two pages max so making sure that it staysbeautiful it’s very informative and it pretty much you know surprises theemployer again or the person who’s hiring you is very important right sohere at Intellipaat we think that these four are the most important stepsthat are needed to pretty much go on building your resume the firstthing is introduction guys you need to know how you should go about introducingyourself because putting yourself a first impression is the best impressionin the world well you’re pretty much the introduction the first couple ofparagraphs the first paragraph itself is gonna be your best introduction to theperson who’s hiring you right so the introduction part of it should be verytight guys and the second thing is domain relevance again now we alreadyknow that the world of artificial intelligence is huge right we haveartificial intelligence we have machine learning we have deep learning so somuch more even under those concepts which I justmentioned the umbrella the three main umbrellas under which our entire worldor pretty much functions so knowing that let’s say there’s a job which requiresyou to be an expert in machine learning but you’re an expert in artificialintelligence then you would also need to know that again a machine and machinelearning engineering machine learning engineering is a part of artificialintelligence right so knowing that you are applying for the right domaingetting into the right job knowing what’s going on in the industry and thenmapping your resume to it is very important in the point of domainrelevance guys and thirdly this is this would be in my opinion the mostimportant thing that you should be putting in your resume guys it’s aboutshowcasing your skills come on be amazing in your resume where you’reselling yourself day so pretty much a resumes a two sheet version of you youmight be an amazing guy or girl in your entire life well the person who’s hiringwill not know that you need to sell yourself and you need to show thatyou’ve done something where you deserve the huge salary that these guys arepaying or let’s say even to be a part of Cobb you know good companies like Amazonyou know Facebook Google and so much more right so your skill set again isyour personal skill set professional skill sets and so much more and one morevery important thing is the couple of certifications that you get a couple ofcertifications that these hirers think are extremely important are what is tobe shown though in the skill sets guys when telling them that hey look I amcertified and this here’s a certificate and then if the certification is from abig Institute such as us then you pretty much upping your game with respect toyou know having you resume a being shortlisted everywhere guys and then thefirst important thing is educational qualifications well at the same time asyou’ve already talked about it well having an amazing grasp on mathematicsagain converting all these mathematical concepts into code and then directly youknow having an impact with respect to mathematics and code when you whenthey’re clubbed together again again matters a lot right so you need to bevery strong in your basics and at the end of it that’s all they check they’rechecking how good your basic is and so much more and educational qualificationspretty much tells them that so on that note you might be wondering okay Anirudhgood now I know what a machine learning engineer does but from now onwhere do I go further right well fear not my friends I have something veryinteresting for you here as well or read this read the code on your screen rightnow it pretty much says and investment in knowledge pays the best interestthere is in the entire world Wow how strong of a Quote is that I justlove this Quote I have it on my desk at my office as well an investment inknowledge pays the best interest amazing right well gaze to just enhanceyour further learning it is my duty to tell you that you’re here at Intellipaatagain we have an amazing YouTube we’re our subject matter experts keeppunching out content for you guys day in and day out and we covered a wide rangeof topics here as well and then let’s say you’re not much into watching videosbut you’re not a very avid blog reader well fear not we have an Intellipaat’sblog channel which again is we’ve pretty much been pushing out some amazing blogcontent there as well guys so oh and this not if you guys are pretty muchlooking for a certification where you think that okay well you know YouTube isgood or blog or reading blogs good so what next Anirudh let me justquickly guide you through our machine learning course certification guys wellhere’s a quick overview of our amazing machine learning course and we have over2,000 learners for this particular course guys so this course again ispretty much all learnt using Python as well and fear not if you do not knowPython I’m here to guide you and pretty much you’ll be given the fundamentalsyou’ll be trained in the fundamentals of pretty much you know using your data totrain machines you’ll be pretty much taught how you can go about working withan artificial neural network you’d be thought linear regression logisticregression SVM said a support vector machinesdesigning a machine learning system principal component analysis for datamodeling is so much more guys again obviously we need to start with thePython basics move into numpy Skype I against Skype I is used to scientificcomputing and this forms a majority of our machine learning concepts as wellthen we have pandas for data analytics then will pretty much go about startingwith our machine learning concepts I will be checking out talksupervised learning unsupervised learning reinforcement learning whythere’s a division what’s the division and then learning and working with thedata set for each of these cases guys and then we’ll be diving right into theheart of supervised learning and check into linear regression as well againwe’ll be implementing linear regression from scratch guys so much more and atthe end of it we’ll have an introduction to deep learning as well so we canfigure out what an artificial network is that how you know itfunctions with respect to a biological neural networks and so much more andcheck out these amazing projects that we have for you guys so we have so manyclassifications you have a demo video in case you guys want to check it out aswell and then at the end of it you’ll bepresented with a certificate which is extremely vital for your resume abecause this certificate is recognized in top MNCs guys so everything fromErickson Cisco cognizant Sony Music masane Gobain Standard Chartered TCS andso much more right so even Genpact takes away guys I can keep naming these andthen lease this certificate adds a lot of validation or to your particular rawand resume and at the end of it the skill sets are all that matters right soI hope you guys you know take up the course get enrolled and then learn a lotfrom that particular course guys so on that note I hope you guys enjoyed thisreally quick life session and again once again wishing you all a very happydiwali in advance from all of us our than telepath so if you guys need anyhelp make sure you pretty much leave a comment in the comment section below orreach out to our support team we are always here and we are always happy tohelp our fellow learners guys so have a good evening and bye byeEnglish

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